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Question Title What are tags and how are they used?
A Tag is a feature in FloorRight which allows the user to give lines and points different property characteristics other than what has been designated as the default.  FloorRight currently calculates base materials according to the room perimeter of the area plotted.  The tag feature allows the user to assign base and trims that vary from the defaulted material.  An example of this would be: Carpet 1 coordinates with Rubber Base 1, however there is one wall in each room that is to get Rubber Base 2.

Other common uses for tags would be: 
  1. Multiple base colors are specified in one or many rooms
  2. Identifying specific trims (schluters, sbn, cove, etc) both in 2D and 3D
  3. Identifying doorway transition items.
  4. Identifying inside and outside corners in 3D.
  5. Identifying how much heat welding is needed at seams.

Once a tag is specified and assigned to the appropriate material, FloorRight will calculate that quantity on the Job estimate page.

Tags have specific characteristics, which are easily identifiable when viewing on screen and when printing.
  1. The tag has a specific color
  2. The tag has specific line identification. I.e.: dot dot, dot dash, etc.
  3. The tag has a specific line thickness, 4 line thicknesses available.

This is only a few examples of how you can use Tags.  Since the feature is user controlled, you can use the tag feature to have FloorRight get the output you are needing.

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