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Question Title Why won't my Site Draw room close OR Why am I getting an invalid room message?

Why won't my Site Draw room close OR Why am I getting an invalid room message?

There are several possible causes for this problem:

  • You've created a single point in a room. This is easy to do if, for example, you make a point in one room and then go back to another room without finishing the first room.
  • You've drawn a room, but SiteDraw is unable to complete it because the last point in the room doesn't match up with the first point. You can sometimes find this problem if you adjust your last few walls until you can see the green lines that indicate an incomplete room. We recommend using the Close Room key to avoid this problem.
  • You've created a room that SiteDraw thinks is invalid, like drawing twice on the same line instead of putting an offset between the walls, or putting a doorway directly in a corner.

If you encounter one of these problems, no data from the problem room will make it into FloorRight, but the information is still in SiteDraw. You can save and repair or redo the room on job site. If you have a problem room and youíre not still on site Ė you can zoom in on that room, and go wall by wall to figure out where it overlaps. Or, if itís in your edit/undo list you can repeatedly undo to backup to the problem. Finally, you can start at the back and delete one wall at a time until you find and resolve the problem..

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