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Question Title Why isnít FloorRight finding my network license?

Why isnít FloorRight finding my network license?

If you have a network license, FloorRight gets your license information from a WIBU-key (or dongle) attached to a network computer. Try the following procedures to troubleshoot:
  • From within FloorRight, select License Info from the Help menu and click Search. Or, if you've just started FloorRight, click the Configure button and then the Search button. This will find all of the dongles attached to any computer in your network. Expand each machine to show the attached dongles, and click on each dongle to locate an available network dongle. Once you locate a network dongle, click ďUse LicenseĒ to use this license.
  • If you know the machine that has the network license but itís not coming up in your search, you can search for the machine explicitly. After FloorRight finishes searching for licenses and displays the License Configuration dialog box, click Custom Search List and enter the IP address or name of the server machine and then click Add and OK. FloorRight will search the network again using the added network machines.
  • On the Network machine, go to Control Panel (Classic View) and double-click Administrative Tools, then double-click Services. Scroll down the list for the WIBU-key service. Right-click on the WIBU-key and select Restart.

    If these procedures do not resolve the problem, take a look at the WIBU-Key support page, the attached troubleshooting document or contact our technical support department.

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